NAHB International Builders' Show
February 8, 2022

A Look Into Viridian: A Synergetic & Profitable Public-Private Partnership


Is it possible to develop long-lasting, diverse and resilient communities that are self-sustaining while also achieving superior returns for investors, both private and public? In this advanced session, explore the case of award-winning Viridian, one of the largest infill master-planned communities in the country that is achieving exactly that. See how this synergetic public-private partnership saved more than $300 million in costs and is estimated to yield $346 million in net benefits over the next 30 years through generating $2.9 billion in total property on tax rolls. Learn innovative design methods and ways to create a diverse, multigenerational community through density. Gain insight into the financial solutions to build walkable neighborhoods that will flourish as they age.


  • Examine sustainable community development solutions that work and how to finance them by working with public partners to offset infrastructure costs.
  • Explore how lot mixing in the community plan instead of segmenting home products can lead to a diverse resident group spanning generations, incomes and cultures.
  • Discover how to guarantee cash flow streams as the community ages, and constant opportunities for lifestyle programming and infrastructure maintenance.
  • Learn how public stakeholders and private developers can work together to create the best community experience for the residents and attract long-term capital investments.