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Nehemiah Builds


Promote positive growth in the mental, physical, spiritual, and social-emotional health of young people in our community.


Nehemiah Builds is devoted to engaging youth in a way that empowers them to realize their full potential, to positively influence their local culture, and to graduate high school with a meaningful plan for successfully managing life.

  • We use the Mission Arlington Youth Wrestling Ministry as a mechanism to provide safe relationships, community, and a true sense of belonging.
  • Through training and mentoring, participants improve their work ethic, and increase their capacity to understand and manage emotions, reactions, and relationships.

We encourage parent participation and provide mentoring, counseling, training, and resources intended to improve family life.

Desired End-State
  • Continual improvement in all Domains of Development during each year of the ministry.
  • By senior year in high school, develop a meaningful, achievable follow-on plan for college or entrance into a professional trade pathway.
  • 100% College and Career Placement upon high school graduation.
  • Participant becomes a positive influence to their family, the community, and the ministry.

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